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Nina Twombly: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Ready to Attract Fulfilling Partnership That Lasts?

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What if you could finally have the relationship you’ve been longing for?

Discover the way out of frustrating, repetitive relationship dynamics, with tools to create more peaceful and balanced relationships.


Attracting Right Relationship

Do you have a sense that the purpose of relationship is to evolve together, to share depth and warmth,
and to be a catalyst for each other’s spiritual growth?

Are you unhappy that your relationships to this point have missed the mark? Find out more
about how you can finally attract partnership that fulfills, supports, activates, and inspires you.

In the words of a client:

“I am always amazed that Nina can sit at the beginning of a session and through a short conversation start to penetrate to the very heart of a particular pattern or problem…Every time I gain a great deal of clarity about core issues that are creating imbalance for me… She works spontaneously… a healing synthesis of intuition, clear presence, and years of training.”

- Tana -

About Nina

I am an intuitive healer, writer, and educator with ongoing training in energy healing, shamanism, and astrology. I blend the consciousness of all of these tools to create an energy-based, in-depth approach to working with clients facing long-term depression and relationship challenges, with particular focus on individuals who identify as empathic or highly sensitive.

My aim is to give you a feeling of having an ally, a confidante, and a fresh perspective on your situation, with tools to move your life in a direction that feels empowered and positive to you. In my work I’m known for accurate energetic perception, clear feedback, warmth, and humour.

More stories from Clients…

Nina was recommended by a close friend. I thought I would give energy healing treatments a try. I was impressed and I’ve been going regularly ever since. It’s been over a year and she has helped me overcome fears, gain perspective, and find more power in myself to do what is necessary to lead a more fulfilling life.

- Ethan -

As a result of the work we have done together, I have felt ongoing transformation as I have reached ever deepening levels of self-awareness and introspection. With her, I have learned how to make conscious and intuitive choices that have both changed my life and changed the way I experience my life.

- Cait -

I feel that I can bring anything to Nina and she will help me work through it. If you’re brave and willing, there’s no other person I would recommend more to support you in reaching towards that higher place within yourself than Nina.

- Tamara -

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Nina Twombly: Brennan Healing Science Practitioner